Our Philosophy & Goals

Our Philosophy

Pumpkin Preschool Early Learning Centers offer progressive preschool programs in a creative, innovative environment, so each child may maximize their potential growth and development. We provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere, which promotes optimal physical, social, emotional and cognitive development for the whole child. We help build each child's self-esteem and self-confidence. This is accomplished through quality teacher interaction, gentle guidance of age appropriate play and exploration of self selected activities and discovery learning.

Our Goals

Pumpkin Preschool’s goal is to provide a loving and nurturing environment for each child to reach their creative potential in early education. Our curriculum is designed to meet preschool children's individual needs through a balance of teacher directed and self directed activities to foster a life long love of learning.

Our program has a wide variety of experiences and opportunities for our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers as they go through stages of growth. We encourage free exploration, discovery learning and age appropriate play.


For each child, our goals are to…


Establish a good foundation for reaching their individual potentials.

Build self-confidence and emotional security in a trusting environment, where they are treated with dignity.

Promote a good self-image, to develop new skills and to encourage independence.

Allow children to learn from each other and enjoy positive interaction with others. To exhibit self-control and to understand feelings and respect those of others.

Help develop their whole bodies through:

Pretend play for imagination and creative expression.
Large muscle and small muscle activities.
Experiences in social relationships, to improve their social skills with their peers.

Promote self-help skills by encouraging children to question and make choices while playing.

Stimulate language development, to be aware of non-verbal and verbal interaction, and to enhance communication skills through talking, songs, stories, books, and games.

Provide new experiences and discoveries outside the home. To encourage them to use words to describe and understand their experiences and arrive at different possible solutions.

Provide them with multicultural experience so that they may learn more about the world around them.

We are truly dedicated to providing each child in our care with days of fun, discovery and accomplishment, which prepares them for their future school days and beyond.

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